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With the help of experienced designers, we are able to cater to various handicraft needs of customers and offer an extensive collection of wooden handicrafts, which have been crafted using the finest quality wood. The handicrafts we offer are intricately designed and ensure quality and pleasing to the eye.

Apart from this, we can also customize this handicraft in terms of size, shape, and pattern and customers can choose according to their desired specifications. Our wide range of unique and innovative handmade products give customers a reason to shop with us again and again!


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Wide range of wooden handicrafts in India

We offer a wide range of varieties of designs and utilities to explore in kitchenware. Wood ware has never left the limelight. Based on random reviews and testimonials, chefs and ordinary people who like to cook still favor the use of wooden kitchenware. Why? Easy! The best wood ware does not just look great, but they also work very well. They are guaranteed to see your kitchen and food and taste their best. We have specialized in creating unique and aesthetic products with an emphasis on craftsmanship, and the art of woodworking. We manufacture a variety of which have a traditional taste mixed with modernity.

Our website assures you the best quality of wooden handicrafts that are created according to the customer’s needs and desires. We guarantee you the finest products that are made with high-quality raw material so that we provide maximum satisfaction to the customer. Our products are made keeping in mind the specifications of the customers. Shopping at our online platform will give you the best experience along with quality products. Our mantra is customer satisfaction and quality, if at any point of your purchase you feel even a little bit of doubt, we are happy to help you with your shopping!

Marble Handicrafts

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Marble is a very popular and effective material that is used to make many structures around the world. A number of artisans work with marble and night to create amazing structures. These skilled artisans are the reason, marble handicrafts so popular.  Due to the amazing level of beauty attached to them, there are many types of marble sculptures among people in different corners of the world and people love to buy Indian marble handicrafts online.

There are many versions of marble products depending on user requirements and car manufacturers continue to work to produce new and unique designs. Another type of composition made using white marble uses marble painting which people use to bring beauty to their walls.

Marble painting has been created and used worldwide for many years, but the art is mostly respected in India.  Making this type of painting is a time-honored art in India and people have been using it for a long time.  It is a special type of marble handicraft which also has a presence in history.  The history of Indian art tells about these beautiful paintings.  The marble painting is a beautiful miniature built on top of a beautiful white and authentic piece of marble.

Online Marble handicrafts in India

Many handicrafts in India have become popular worldwide due to their beauty and marble painting is one of them.  It comes with many associated features and benefits that force people to choose it in their environment.  One of the advantages of this painting is that it adds liveliness to any environment and enhances beauty manifold.

Our website is giving the benefit of buying exquisite marble handicrafts to people all over the world. We have a wide range of excellent paintings and other handcrafted products that people are allowed to book easily through our online portal. Our manufacturers take proper care to bring perfection and charm to their products so that they can add beauty to their client’s space.


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Home Decor

People’s interest in handcrafted products is increasing day by day.  Decorating your home with decorative home decor items can give it a new look and make it different from others.  It is important for you to pay attention to the design of your home as it reflects your personality.  Handicrafts are the best way to change your inner look.  With every decorative item, the unique creativity of artisans comes to the fore.  
The handcrafted kitchen items and home decor products that we offer will decorate your home and make it look amazing.  If you want to transform your interior using handmade products, this is the right place for you, here you can check and shop from our platforms. We offer you the latest collection of home decor items at reasonable rates to choose from.
Today we are in times that anyone can use to decorate and revamp their interior with one of the best decoration pieces and handmade art pieces.
 For those who have not heard of them before, handmade artifacts are decorative pieces of things that can be used that are all created by the skill of an artisan.
  The most appealing thing about handmade artworks is that with each piece it brings something new to the table and not only simplifies your home’s fashion decor, but takes it up a notch that gives it the vibrancy and warmth  Needs
In today’s day and age, it is not difficult to get ideas from the Internet about various artworks according to your liking and bring them home 
 We provide you with the highest range of variety that gives you the freedom to be able to buy home decor items that are made suit your taste.  All such decorative items bring vibrancy and life to make your house warm for the guest and happy and comfortable space for the people living in the house.

Metal Handicrafts

Buy Indian Metal Handicrafts Online

The art of metalworking has been prevalent in India since ancient times. The skills of mining, smelting and working of metals were developed thousands of years ago. Crafting metal with beautiful artistic skills is an integral part of Indian tradition. Indian metal craft is very famous and considered one of the best in the world. Traditional methods of sand casting and bagasse wax methods are employed in this area. The craftsman molds brass sheets into wonderful objects of art.

Craftsmen in India use a wide variety of objects such as iron, copper, silver, and other metals such as brass, bell metal, white metal, etc. to make various products such as utensils, photo frames, taps, key-chains, boxes, idols of deities, mythological figures, and animals, etc.

The sculptures are usually made with a lost wax process. The process begins with the creation of a wax model of a sculpture or any item. This model is then covered with soil and holes are made in the soil.  Finally, the molten metal is poured through the topmost hole, allowing the wax to melt. The cavity built within is automatically replaced by hot metal. The metal is allowed to cool and the final product is free of mud and polish.

Online Metal Handicrafts In India

Metal objects are also made by pouring molten metal in molds of the desired size. Parts of the molded metal are also combined with solder.  Various processes such as enameling, etching and damaging are performed to beautify metal objects.

The collection of metal handicrafts has been available since the discovery of the main material of this subcategory – metal. Metal handicrafts has a wide range of items to choose from, you can choose items to decorate the world starting from infrastructure to small home spaces. The metal artist uses many materials and tools to carve, emboss, or carve unique designs and shapes. Our online platform provides you the right to choose for yourself from a broad range of extraordinary products. We are happy to help you to give the right aesthetic definition to your home. When you examine our metal handicrafts collection, you will be able to find bronze metal crafts and brass decorative items that beautify your space the best.

If you take a closer look at the collection of metal handicraft items, you will see that each product has superb finishing that makes it worthy of your home places and your life. You can choose from our collection of utensils, you will have the option to choose puja/worship materials for your temple, key holders, and more.  You will be able to shop for Ganesh idols online to beautify your holy places.

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India is a land of rich heritage and culture and is known for its breathtaking art form. Handicrafts of the nation are as amazing and great as of its tradition. It is not that people in India are not enthusiastic about creativity; it can be said that these things are not looked at in a strategic way as it should have been.  

We at indianhandicraftshop.com are one-stop platform where you can buy Indian handicrafts online with the marvelous collection of Indian art and handicrafts. We are dedicated to providing the unmatched uniqueness of Indian art from every village of the country and many cities to you on one platform. We can offer you the greatest Indian art forms and items under one roof. 

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We are the best Indian handicrafts online store with a wide range of handicrafts like wooden handicrafts, white marble handicrafts, Bamboo crafts, Home décor products for different festivals and spaces, Handcrafted gifts for your loved ones, and many more. 

To make these Incredible Indian handicrafts and unique art forms reach people on a large scale, we have launched this exclusive web store. Keeping in mind growing digital India, we thought offline stores are not enough to reach every corner of the nation, but through this online medium, we could reach and provide authentic Indian handicrafts to every part of the nation. 

We have a deep love and respect for Indian culture and its handicrafts: all we have done is, organized things in a manner so that everybody can experience this art and crafts.  We believe that our exclusive Indian handicrafts online store will help in making the right products available for truly passionate people. 

Traditional and Cultural Indian Handicrafts Online

Our vision is to take the Indian tradition and culture and handicrafts to the world level. Indian Handicraft Shop is working to make Indians proud of their art forms and the people making that art.  

Being deeply inspired by the protean, traditional and generations followed culture with the significance of the handicraft tradition, Indian Handicraft Shop has stepped into the world of displaying handcrafted products to the domestic and international market. The company is moving forward with the sole motive of uplifting the economic state of artists of India and helping them get identified for their precise and unique work.