Our team at Indian Handicraft Shop offers a wide variety of handcrafted products that are designed by our skilled and experienced professionals. 

We provide you with products that are made with the finest quality of raw material and then manufactured by the most skilled and experienced laborers. We are originally based in Jaipur, India, and operate all over the world.  We provide you with a broad range of extraordinary beautiful handicrafts made by a highly professional, experienced, and skilled team of artisans.  Our highly skilled artisans specialize in designing structures using many materials including wood, marble, glass, paper, metal, lacquer, and others.  We allow our customers to choose from a wide range of handmade handicrafts. The wide range of products that are offered by us is demanded all over the world. Our team basically deals in wooden handicrafts, marble handicrafts, metal handicrafts, home decor items, and other similar products.  Our array of handicrafts in India helps you enhance your living or working space, taking advantage of a traditional presence.

Our small start-up strives to bring back India’s rich tradition and culture to its glory. We provide customers around the world with unique creations and products made exclusively for them.  It not only helps skilled and deserving artisans to earn wages but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus helping to preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage.

It gives us immense pleasure that we have to come to work every day and manufacture a product that has a direct and very real impact on the lives of thousands of people as we manufacture customized products that are made as per the liking of the customers. We try our best to make our customers satisfied with our services.

 We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and are also encouraged by the fact that this is just the beginning.

Although we do not work for charity, we believe in empowering lives and transforming communities through our tireless efforts. We believe in making the lives of many small-scale workers better by spreading our business. As a customer, you should know that many lives get better with every purchase done by you at our site.