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The art of metalworking has been prevalent in India since ancient times. The skills of mining, smelting and working of metals were developed thousands of years ago. Crafting metal with beautiful artistic skills is an integral part of Indian tradition. Indian metal craft is very famous and considered one of the best in the world. Traditional methods of sand casting and bagasse wax methods are employed in this area. The craftsman molds brass sheets into wonderful objects of art.

Craftsmen in India use a wide variety of objects such as iron, copper, silver, and other metals such as brass, bell metal, white metal, etc. to make various products such as utensils, photo frames, taps, key-chains, boxes, idols of deities, mythological figures, and animals, etc.

The sculptures are usually made with a lost wax process. The process begins with the creation of a wax model of a sculpture or any item. This model is then covered with soil and holes are made in the soil.  Finally, the molten metal is poured through the topmost hole, allowing the wax to melt. The cavity built within is automatically replaced by hot metal. The metal is allowed to cool and the final product is free of mud and polish.

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Metal objects are also made by pouring molten metal in molds of the desired size. Parts of the molded metal are also combined with solder.  Various processes such as enameling, etching and damaging are performed to beautify metal objects.

The collection of metal handicrafts has been available since the discovery of the main material of this subcategory – metal. Metal handicrafts has a wide range of items to choose from, you can choose items to decorate the world starting from infrastructure to small home spaces. The metal artist uses many materials and tools to carve, emboss, or carve unique designs and shapes. Our online platform provides you the right to choose for yourself from a broad range of extraordinary products. We are happy to help you to give the right aesthetic definition to your home. When you examine our metal handicrafts collection, you will be able to find bronze metal crafts and brass decorative items that beautify your space the best.

If you take a closer look at the collection of metal handicraft items, you will see that each product has superb finishing that makes it worthy of your home places and your life. You can choose from our collection of utensils, you will have the option to choose puja/worship materials for your temple, key holders, and more.  You will be able to shop for Ganesh idols online to beautify your holy places.

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