Crafts Of Punjab – The richness of The land Is Reflected In Its Handicrafts

Crafts Of Punjab

Punjab is known as the heart of the Indian Sikh community. The art and crafts of Punjab have a large variety of handicrafts. The craftsmen of Punjab are highly skilled and talented. It is an ancient practice of Punjab to plater the walls with mud and creates different motifs on them. These works are generally carried out by the women of the village. The carpenters of Punjab are renowned for their skills in woodwork. 

Mud Work:

Generally, it is a trend to plaster the walls and then create different designs on them. These works are generally done by the rural women of Punjab.

Mud work was done because of superstitions to keep away the bad spirits from the house.

In Punjab, this art of painting is also known as Chowk-Poorna.

Weaving and Embroidery:

The needlework like weaving and embroidery in Punjab is skillfully done by village girls. Sometimes, on occasions and festivals, these handicrafts are highly used. Some needlework is known as ‘Phulkari’ meaning flower works. It is mainly done on the scarves, bedspreads, salvars, shirts, and dupattas. 

Wood Works:

It has been a long tradition in Punjab of the carpenters to make different objects out of wood. Wooden work done in Punjab is highly appreciated all over the world. Tourists visiting Punjab take some mementos made out of wood. It is a much-practiced work among the villagers of Punjab. Carpenters usually make very comfy beds with fancy backrests with fitted mirrors and cushions. 


Punjabi art and craft comprise of amazing and indigenous work of Basketry. This work is also mainly done by the women of the village. Basket weaving is a traditional practice among the people of Punjab. 

The basketry work is usually done by shaving the thin straws of grass. Then cuttings are used to weave mats, rugs, carpets, and hand fans. These hand fans are known as Kundaldar Pakkhi.

Folk Toys: 

Handcrafted folk toys reflect the cultural traditions of Punjab. The folk toy industry strengthens the financial condition of the state. This tradition of making toys was carried down to satisfy their artistic zeal. 


The craftsmen of Punjab are fully skilled in producing attractive and beautiful “dolls”. This industry of Punjab is one of the most successful industries of the state. 

Dolls reflect the creativity and artistry of the people of Punjab. These dolls have a huge demand within and outside India. 


It is a traditional pattern of weaving in Punjab. Among the arts and crafts of Punjab, Phulkari is the most popular handicraft in or outside of India. Colors that will be used in phulkari are red, orange, blue, green, crimson, and red.  

Traditional Ornaments:

• Turah-i-Marwarid – String of a white pearl, used to tie to the turban.

• Sir Mang – A long chain of gold studded with gems.

• Karnphul, Jhumka – Earrings worn by ladies.

• Bala – Huge earring of gold that is worn by Khatri.

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