Goa Handicrafts – The True Essence Of Culture And Heritage

Goa Handicrafts

Goa is a fusion of Portuguese and Indian cultures, infused with sea, sun, sand, and spirituality, Goa is India’s miniature version of paradise.  If you’re in Goa, you cannot ignore two things, beach and handicrafts made by local craftsmen. They have amazing handicrafts like brass, palm leaves, coconut husks, and wood. 

What’re more, vibrant colors used to highlight the products are simply irresistible. They are bright and right when it comes to attracting handicraft lovers.

Things are just perfect when it comes to Goan handicrafts. These items play an important part in Goa tourism. The government of Goa also supports the handicraft makers. 


These are especially hand-crafted hats, knotted mats, masks, and ropes, which are made from the coconut husk. These handicrafts are believed to be the legacy of made in Goa products. Other amazing coir products include pot hangers, coasters, ashtrays, lamps, shopping bags, curtains, mirror frames, and other traditional items.


Among every other material, Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers used by the Goan craftsmen and design decorative items. They make fantastic bags, wall hangings, flowerpots, ladies’ purses, etc. Jute macrame handicrafts are used worldwide.


The other material from which handicrafts in goa are made is brass. You can see many artists molding brass into various designs of different shapes and sizes.

You can find many artifacts for you and your loved once like candle stands, ashtrays, statues, etc. One of the most famous brass handicrafts of Goa is the lam Samai (a tree-like oil lamp with a flower design). Artists involved in designing and molding the brass do that by hand. They do everything with great precision to make it look great. 


The art of making bamboo crafts is believed to have started from the rural areas of Goa. The credit goes to the Mahar community. It is believed to be the oldest art form mankind has discovered. Both bamboo and Crane crafts are widely used to make decorative items in houses. This art form took birth to specifically help the fishermen. They used to carry coconut, rice, paddy, fish, and flowers.

Due to being a major tourist hub, the art flourished like never before in Goa. With several items like flower pots, pen stands, letter holders, lightweight, baskets, these handicrafts are widely recognized and genuinely accepted. 

You’ve to just explore and roam around Goa beaches or the interiors of the city and you’ll be very happy to see these items in your possession. You can always see locals engaged in making these beautiful handicrafts. 

You can also enjoy many handicrafts such as wooden lacquer-ware papier-mache, terracotta Pottery, woodcarving, crochet and hand embroidery, and many other items.

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