Handicraft Culture In North India


Although Indian handicrafts have their royalty across the world. Indian handicrafts are so famous worldwide that exports provide a livelihood to the millions of artisans and laborers. Each Indian state is famous for different types of handicrafts. Some have mastered textiles, some are known for wooden handicrafts, etc. Below is a brief overview of how various northern states of India are known for their unique variety of handicrafts. 

Jammu and Kashmir 

 The Kashmiri embroidery crafted by the labors is popular worldwide. Various types of crafts made here are shawl weaving, wood carving, carpet weaving, etc. The wood carving here is done on some special type of wood called walnut wood and can be found only in Kashmir. The basket is an additional famous handicraft of the state. 

Himachal Pradesh

 Himachal Pradesh is known for its distinctive and varied categories of handicrafts. The state is famous for its metal and stone sculptures and handmade wooden dolls. Carpets, rugs, leather crafts, antiques, and paintings are many popular handicrafts that you will find in Himachal Pradesh. 

Uttar Pradesh 

Banarasi sarees and chikankari of Lucknow are famous handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh. There are various cities in Uttar Pradesh that are known for their various handicrafts. The cities of Bhadoi, Shahjahanpur, and Mirzapur — are known for their possession of carpet weaving, and not only attract Indian markets but additionally Chinese design and international markets. The craftsmen also weave rugs according to the taste of the customers. Moradabad — This city is known for its metal pot. Two types of engraving on metal are done here. One is called a Takashi which is completed on a surface made of tin, while the other is known as excavation and is done on brass that is unpolished. Khurja is known for pottery in Uttar Pradesh. The potters here add color to the clay pot and make them attractive and lively. 


Bastar in Chhattisgarh is famous for its Dhokra art. The raw material for Dhokra art is taken from melting scrap or hills. Dhokra art products categorize the following things; elephants, riders, measuring bowls, lamp caskets, and fish-shaped vermilion boxes. Products of Dhokra art made by the lost wax method. Chhattisgarh is also famous for its unique camel craft. A trip to Chhattisgarh is incomplete without buying your handicraft souvenirs. Some other handicrafts of Chhattisgarh are Terracotta, Tumba, Godna, Sisal, soil relief work, and more. 


Rajasthan is one of the best incredible destinations in India which offers various beauty of handicrafts. These handicrafts reflect they’re rich traditional, and cultural heritage and are very popular for their unique beauty and excellent quality. Some of Rajasthan’s most popular crafts are jewelry, wooden furniture, paintings, carpets, dupattas, embroidered shoes, blue pottery, and other articles. The blue pottery of Jaipur is widely recognized worldwide. It is made from Egyptian paste and no clay is used. It is very good due to the eye-catching blue color and tedious process. This blue ware is more decorative than useful products. The story behind the introduction of Heva jewelry is still a mystery. It is a unique art combining 23-carat gold with multiple colors of glasses. Glasses are used to give a great and distinctive feature. Mostly it depicts geometric and other unique patterns. Skilled labor used the highest purity gold sheets to make pendants, rings, brooches, and bracelets.


People love Punjab for its food, history, and culture. Crafts and artifacts of Punjab are also very popular in international markets. The Phulkari work of Punjab is a traditional embroidery practice to decorate shawls and dupattas which involves intricate needlework. Phulkari stitches are done horizontally, diagonally, and vertically based on bright and color combinations. Phulkari techniques include short and long daring stitches to create special lighting effects on shawls and scarves. This process is practiced by most women of Punjab for earning extra and spending their free time. 


Ladakh produces a wide variety of handicrafts. Among the unique handicrafts of Ladakh, thangka paintings using silk or cotton cloth made of embroidery are well known. These paintings depict the teaching of Lord Buddha. These paintings were practiced during religious ceremonies and in prayer halls and monasteries. These paintings have a wonderful expression of God, and they are very durable. They depict various subjects such as the Bodhisattva, astrological, Buddha, and cosmological images.


The artwork and crafts of Uttarakhand are very popular. The influence of the Mughals comes from the paintings of the famous Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The college museum in Srinagar is famous for special and distinctive Mugta paintings. The artisans of Uttarakhand have mastered wood carving as it is held throughout the state.

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