Hands Of The Handicrafts

Hands Of The Handicraft

As we all know, India is all about its art and culture. Art is the essence of this country; different states have different people with exceptional skills and creativity. Indian Handicrafts are appreciated and traded all over the world. In India, each region has generation-long skills in a particular craft. These Indian handicrafts set forth a vibe of the region they are crafted in.


The State of Rajasthan has always been known for its fascinating handicrafts leaving everyone flabbergasted. Handicraft manufacturers contrive many things such as handmade textile, beautiful marble craft, world-famous blue pottery, and most purchased and loved juties or mojaris.


South India is well known as God’s Own Country, and after seeing their handicrafts is truly justified.

Kanjeevaram and Kalamkari sarees are the most famous and beautiful handloom fabric of South India, detailed sandalwood carving, another amazing handicraft you can buy are coconut craft.


As we all know that Kashmir is well renowned all over the world for its beauty and Kashmiri Shawls also known as Pashmina Shawls. These handicrafts are exported from the Kashmir region and are high in price compared to others.


Gujrat is famous for its fabric and textile handicrafts. Their handicrafts are very uniquely designed and look so full of colors and life. It includes handwork of mirrors, parrots, kites, etc. Another famous handicraft that you can buy is a tie and dye work that is called Bandhej, it is considered the finest and most detailed work in the world.


the Himalayan region is full of lush greens, oversaturated blue sky, and water streams rushing all over. 

But Himachal is more than this, it is home to some of the most famous Indian handicrafts like wood carving on timber wood, beautifully embroidered handkerchief known as Chamba Rumal, the material used in making these includes muslin, khaddar, malaml brush, and silk.


Goa attracts tourists from India and all over the world to enjoy bright sunny days at the beachside, fresh seafood, rave parties, and much more. It has a marvelous tradition of handicrafts.

Seashell craft like lampshades, ornaments, mirrors, etc., Hand-painted tiles introduced by the Portuguese a long time back also known as Azulejos.


Maharashtra not only consists of caves, ghats, forts but also propound marvelous handicrafts to choose from. Tribal art known as Warli Painting, Kolhapuri Chappals mainly known for its durable design.


Punjab is not the only land of Brave-Heart soldiers but also for traditional handicrafts like Phulkari Art means embroidered flowers over a cloth, Paranda is a decorative craft of Punjab worn by Punjabi women.


Sikkim is a northeast state in India, bordered by Bhutan. It is well known for the milky white glaciers, lush green alpine meadows, and amazing handicrafts.

The best handicrafts of Sikkim include the Choktse Table- traditional foldable tables made out of the wood of the train known as Kath, wood carvings on alpine wood, beautifully painted Thangka paintings.


As we all know Uttarakhand is known as Lord Shiva’s abode and also blessed with some amazing handicrafts. Wood carving on timber tree wood, also known as Likhai. This is an important part of hill society. Woolen handicrafts like Kaangsuk(socks), Dumkar(blanket), Paggad(belt), etc.


West Bengal is home to a variety of Indian handicrafts that are not much artistically appealing but are part of history and culture.

Madur mats are made out of a rhizome-based plant that grows in the area. Shola craft, made from Sholapith, dried milky-white spongy plant matter.


UP is home to extremely skilled craftsmen. Over the centuries, it has developed its handicrafts.

Chikankari embroidery is done with colored and silk threads on a variety of clothes and textiles.

Banarasi Saree, this name needs no introduction this banarasi saree is among the finest handicrafts of India.


Tamilnadu has a wide range of handicrafts. The state has a very rich history of handicrafts over the centuries. The prominent artwork of Tamilnadu is Tanjore paintings originated in the town of Tanjore.

Toda Embroidery also is known as “Pukhoor”, is traditional artwork of the Toda people of Nilgiris.


Earlier Odisha’s was named Utkala, which means The Land of Excellent Arts. The culturally enriched state of Odisha boasts of enchanting crafts, such as Silver Filigree of Cuttack, this is a traditional kind of jewelry also known as Tarakasi.

Pattachitra, cloth-based scroll painting done in Odisha.


People of Nagaland are gifted artisans; their handicrafts are subtle and world-class. Nagas handicraft is vibrant in color and unique in the pattern which is woven according to tribes they are from. 


It is well known as “The Scotland of the East” because of its splendid beauty. That also reflects on their handicraft work. The most popular arts here are wood carving, silk weaving, carpet weaving, cane craft, etc.

Women are amazingly talented in weaving designs on clothes.


Manipur comprises of alluring cosmos of beauty. The women of Manipur are very skilled in weaving cotton textiles. Some of the famous handicrafts of Manipur are wood carvings, beautifully handwoven and embroidered textiles.

Stone Carving is a traditional craft, they carve daily use products like bowls, candle stands, grinders, etc.


MP is not only rich in lush greens forests and rich wildlife but also lies in the heap of handicrafts.

MP’s handicrafts include metalcraft, folk paintings, woodcraft, Leathercraft like stuff leather toys, Chanderi 

Fabric i.e. hand-woven combination of silk and cotton.


Bihar is a rich state in terms of history in art and craft. It is home to India’s most famous painting techniques.

Madhubani Painting, also known as Mithila painting. It is done on freshly plastered mud walls of huts by the women of the villages. Sikki Grass Craft is a unique grass found in large quantities in Bihar. It is used to make toys, weaving dolls, baskets, murals, jewelry, etc.  

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