Most Amazing Handicrafts Of India

Handicrafts Of India

India is known for its art forms and culture for the longest time in history. India stands among the topmost countries of the world having a rich variety of art and culture. The handicrafts of India are admired and wanted across the globe and left everyone in awe. This is the income source of many artists and people from rural areas. 

Here are some of the prestigious handicrafts of India:

Pashmina Shawls-

Pashmina Shawls-

Pashmina is the finest kind of wool. These shawls are made in Kashmir with a high quality of cashmere wool and after that, they are shipped to the northern part of the valley, it is a fully handmade process. This process involves several steps like combing, spinning, weaving, and finishing, and all this process is done through hands by very skilled craftsmen. It takes almost 180 hours to make one pashmina shawls. They are available in the market in different colors and they are very warm and soft in feel. 



The northern areas of India have very famous woodwork. Punjab is world-famous for its wooden furniture, Kashmir is famous for finely carved wooden art pieces out of walnut trees, in Jharkhand wooden toys have a booming market available in pairs. Many varieties of wood are used in making handicraft items like oak, sandal, timber, kumbli, and much more. 

Sandalwood is used to make beautiful decorative items, carved into flowers, animals, birds, etc. Stunning figures of females are made out of Kumbli wood in Kerala. 



The pottery art form is performed in India since the time of the Harappa Civilization. Uttar Pradesh is known for its different pottery designs in various colors like brown, orange, light red. In Rajasthan, painted pottery is carried out in Bikaner, Blue pottery in Jaipur, Kagzi pottery in Alwar. The potters of India hold a respected position in the craft industry. 



Earlier, leather was used only for manufacturing clothes and footwear, but now there are various leather goods available in the market like wallets, belts, premium jackets, bags, and much more. Madhya Pradesh is worldwide known for its leather goods like shoes, garments, and bags. Maharashtra is known for its leather made Kohlapuri chappals. 



Jute artisans have earned a respected position in the market for their amazing handicrafts made from Jute. There is a wide range of products made from jute-like footwear, handbags, wall arts, and much more. India is home to the jute industry and people from around the world buy jute handicrafts from India. Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam are the major producers of jute handicrafts in India.


India is filled with art, culture, and traditions, and handicrafts just act as a cherry on the top. These were just the small part of a big chunk; explore the Indian art and culture and you will get to know shocking details about the handicrafts and their crafting process.

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