Some Most Famous And Beautiful Handicrafts Of East India

Beautiful Handicrafts

The East Indian handicrafts speak of dexterity and a sense of artistry of the locals. The East Indian states of India comprise Odisha, West Bengal, and Jharkhand. The beauty and creativity of east India can be seen in its adorable handicrafts. East Indians are very skilled and talented, it is proved by their handicrafts that they made. People from all around the world buy and love the handicrafts of east India. 

The east Indian handicrafts play a great role in terms of the economic development of the country. People buy Indian handicrafts to adorn the beauty of their houses and workplaces and also to promote Indian handicrafts. In this article, we’ve listed some most famous handicrafts of east India which are loved by the whole world, let’s have a look at them: 

Toy making is a handicraft in the region. In Tupudana of Jharkhand state, ‘wooden toys’ are made which are completely abstract. The handcrafted toys are always in pairs, which looks adorable and very original as they are different from others. In West Bengal’s Krishnanagar,  some beautiful ‘traditional dolls’ are crafted from clay, which has been widely acclaimed and is displayed in museums all around the world.

West Bengal is also popular for Kantha embroidery and weaving cotton sarees in handlooms, which are called ‘tant sarees’. Another high variety of silk sari, which is produced in West Bengal, is the baluchari sarees. These sarees mainly come in dark shades like chocolate, red, and purple. The royalty patronized this handicraft in the past.

An essential part of East Indian handicrafts is ‘mask making’. The masks that are made in Jharkhand are quite different from the masks made in Bihar as they are fiercer because the facial expression is overstated. In West Bengal’s Purulia district, chou masks are crafted of paper mache which has an earthy element in it.

In Odisha, painted masks are very popular which are created out of shola pith, wood, and other available raw materials. The masks are painted in soothing colors. The paper – mache masks of Bihar- has acquired a modern dimension over the years. Originally the adorable and creative masks were made of bamboo, wood, and pumpkin shells. 

Bihar is also famous for its Madhubani paintings which have been a part of east India since the time of Ramayana. In the earlier days, these beautiful paintings were created on mud-plastered walls. Now they are drawn on canvas, handmade paper, and different types of clothes. The themes of Madhubani paintings revolve around images of deities, animals, birds, etc.

Thus, it can be concluded that each state has an adorable and exclusive handicraft like; Odisha is the hub of pure silver filigree work. West Bengal is popular for terracotta handicrafts where the terracotta horses are exquisite pieces of artistry. Sholapith handicraft is another beautiful form of handicrafts of East India where a herbaceous plant, the pith of shola is used to craft decorative items. Jharkhand, which has dense forests, is mastered in the handicraft of woodwork, which includes attractive articles like windows, door panels, boxes, wooden spoons, etc. In Bihar, carpets, lacquerware, and wood inlay are popular.

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