Which Handicrafts Of West India Are Most Famous Around The World

Handicrafts Of West India

Western India consists of the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and also the union territories of Daman & Diu, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli. These states are highly industrialized regions with a huge population. The western Indian states are an adorable blend of the diverse variety of traditions and cultures. This is charmingly captured in the handicrafts and art of west India. The handicrafts of west India are famous for their variety and distinctness. Let’s have a look at some most popular handicrafts of western India: 

Maharashtra bears a rich cultural background which is evident in its handicrafts. The Maharashtra crafts work is popular for its variety. The forms of handicrafts prevalent in Maharashtra are weaving, Leather Works, Sawantwadi Crafts, Bidri Works, Hikaru and Mashru fabrics, Paintings, etc. Some of the most famous craft items are Ajanta Paintings, leather sandals, beautiful jewelry, Paithani, and Narayan Peth Sarees, Warli Paintings, etc. To buy these handicrafts you don’t need to visit the market, you can buy these Indian handicrafts online also. 

Gujarat is the land of beautiful culture and rich history which is depicted in the arts and crafts of the state. The ancient crafts are still practiced in many parts and have survived the test of time. Gujarat handicrafts are popular for their artistic appeal, intricate work, use of color, and stunning finish. Pottery is one of the famous and oldest handicrafts in Gujarat. Terracotta figures, Mud wall paintings, plaques, etc are some of the items that are also made in Gujarat. Wood articles and wooden furniture are a specialty of South Gujarat. Paper eights, minakari furniture, sofas, chairs, ornamental pieces are also made in Gujarat. 

Among the delicate handicrafts practiced in Gujarat, embroidery is also one that is quite famous all over the world. A wide variety of embroidery is done in Gujarat like Golder embroidery, Bavalia, Rabari, Banni, etc. Gujarat is also a famous Zari work of Gujarat is very well known. Dhurries, blankets, rugs, carpets, silver jewelry, adorable sheaths, hilts, knives and daggers, precious stones, etc are some of the other craft products from Gujarat.

Goa has a variety of artistic and adorable handicrafts. The Goa crafts work is the blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. In Goa, the handicraft work is also one of the prime sources of income for the local people. Some of the intricately glorious works and handicrafts of Goa are cotton bags, chandeliers, colorful masks, table mats, wooden toys, shopping bags, seashell mirrors and brass, idols, and Terracotta articles, bamboo craft, pottery, crochet, wood carving, and embroidery, fibre craft, seashell craft, papier-mache, wooden lacquerware, jewelry, coconut shell carving, etc.

The beautiful art of mat weaving is popular in Daman whereas Diu is popular for its tortoiseshell and ivory carving. Dadra and Nagar Haveli are well-known for making beautiful baskets, leather slippers, a weaving of bamboo mats, etc.

A glance at the handicrafts of West India helps us in realizing that West India is brimming with a large number of skilled and talented small scale workers, the crafts and artwork of whom is popular not only in India but also all around the world.

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