Which South Indian Handicrafts Are Most Famous All Around The World

South Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts of South Indian States are an important part of the lives of south Indians. The prosperity of South India can be seen in its very famous handicrafts. The South part of India has attracted much attention of connoisseurs of the world of handicrafts and have a relatively great demand not only in the Indian market but the international market as well. These handicrafts have their magnificence and appeal which catches the attention of most people from the whole world. The prosperity of South India can be seen in its very popular handicrafts. In this article, we’ve listed some famous handicrafts of south India: 

Pearls and Lace (Hyderabad) 

Pearls and Lace

Hyderabad is known as the ‘city of pearls’. Silver and Gold jewelry studded with pearls is a specialty of Hyderabad. Here pearls are graded and drilled according to color. Traditionally, white pearls are the most popular. Various kinds of ornaments are made from pearls like necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets, bangles, and bracelets. You can purchase these Indian handicrafts online or from markets. 

Bidri (Karnataka) 


Andra Pradesh is specialized in Bidri metal handicraft. The material used is an alloy made up of 94% zinc and 6% copper. A particular type of earth from Bidar is used in oxidizing and hence it is called Bidri. 

Bronze sculptures (Trichy, Tamil Nadu) 

Bronze sculptures

The traditional manner of idol-creating is tedious and long, but one that imparts strength, beauty, and uniqueness to the bronze figurines from the state. Temple deity images are usually made of stone, and, at times, wood. It is the procession figurines, Utsav murti – that are made of metals. Large bronze images were made to be carried outside during temple festivities through the town. In the olden days, it was copper that was primarily used. 

Perfumed candles (Pondicherry)

Perfumed candles

Pondicherry can be explored for its adorable perfumed candles, pottery, incense sticks, handmade paper, jams, leather items, pickles, and elegant Khadi (a homespun fabric)garments.

Silk Sarees – (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Mysore, Varanasi) 

Silk Sarees

These states are known for their unique patterns and designs. They are available in bright and bold hues and are made from mulberry silk. They are very vibrantly colored and are created with designs similar to the old khan style. Its adorability depends on the intricate work of zari. It uses 100% silk and 100% pure gold zari. Banarasi Silk Sarees: These are woven in pale colors, subtle, which are very delicate and dense. Its uniqueness lies in the exquisitely woven pallu that lends its grace.

Lace and embroidery work (Kerala) 

Lace and embroidery work

This beautiful state is well known for its beautiful garments which are decorated with lace and embroidery work and also with snake boats made of ivory, gold, and silver jewelry, a wide variety of spices, bamboo mat paintings, kathakali dolls, idols, wood carvings, lamps, sandalwood objects, and the exciting Kathakali masks.

Tanjore Paintings (Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu) 

Tanjore Paintings

 This adorable painting is made of wood and the painting consists of one main figure which is that of a deity housed in an enclosure created through an arch or in curtains. It is colorful, bright, and breathtakingly beautiful. Its specialty lies in that it glows in the dark.

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